Iran, a country with a glorious history as well as being the cradle of civilization, may surprise you with the diversity of its hotels. From modern luxurious hotels to ecolodges and traditional houses, Iran’s hotels offer an unforgettable experience to their guests. Depending on taste, interest and budget, various types of hotels can be chosen to ensure an enjoyable and memorable visit.


When it comes to luxurious hotels, since this kind of accommodation brings enriching and unique experience, many travelers opt to reap the benefits of staying in modern hotels. In fact, travelers live their dreams by seeking soft pillows, high thread- count sheets, high-quality services, high level hospitality, a balcony with skyscrapers view, greater personalized attention or etc. This standpoint leads to choose these hotels to present them a fascinating trip. For this taste and interest, Iran offers a different range of high-quality 4 or 5 hotels in many touristic cities…Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd, Mashhad and …


However, for some people staying in older more historical houses or hotels will be of special interest. Definitely, staying in those houses with their historical background could be considered a holiday of a lifetime, for those with a love of old traditional houses. As Iran is well known for its history and civilization, some tourists are especially keen to embrace this antiquity by spending larger amounts of time immersed in a Persian atmosphere.  Hence, Iranian traditional houses offer a tremendous opportunity to experience the delightful Persian architecture, rich history and Persian hospitality, returning to their country with an experience they are unlikely to find elsewhere.


Iran also offers exemplary ecolodges for those interested in being close to nature and respecting the surrounding environment. Since the vast majority of travelers nowadays are concerned about sustainability, trying to preserve the environment and contributing positively to local economies, ecolodges are becoming increasingly popular, amongst nature lovers particularly. Not only for an incredibly exciting experience to stay in ecolodges, but also to contribute to a positive movement and learn more about local people, flora and fauna, the environment and a new way of eco-friendly traveling.

(Nartitee traditional eco lodge in Yazd

Noghli traditional house in Kashan

Matin Abad in Isfahan

Atashouni traditional house in Garme

Gilehboom in Gilan

Lut star eco camp in Shahdad)