Mysterious extraordinary natural site, Badab Soort, will definitely is a heaven for nature lovers and whom are interested in pristine natural wonders.

Locating in Mazandaran province in North of Iran, visitors show enthusiasm for this legendary gem.

However, there are similar places in the world like this, such as Mammoth hot spring in USA, Pamukkale in Turkey, Badab Soort is the only one of its kind in Iran. This attraction consists of stepped travertine terrace that has been created over thousands of years as flowing water from two mineral hot springs. One with an upper volume of water, salty and not being frozen in winter due to its salinity. The second one is located in upstream and northwest of these springs, is tart, red and orange and bring the iron oxide from the depth of the rocks to the ground. As a result, over the course of thousands of years the water from these two springs emanating from the mountain range have combined and resulted in a number of orange-, red- and yellow-colored pools shaped as a naturally formed staircase.

This eye-catching sightseeing, has been inscribed as the salt water spring in the world after Pamukkale spring in Turkey. Moreover, here is nationally registered along with Damavand Mountain and Cypress of Abarkuh.

Regarding its name, BADAB comprises (bad) and (ab), which the former one means GAS and the latter one means WATER. Gassed Water refers to spring waters, and SOORT is an old name for the Orost village.

A rainbow springs, awe-inspiring Badab Soort is a place where a dream comes true, particularly at sunset and sunrise with the glow of sunlight on colorful stairs.