Iran Tailormade Tours

With tremendous advancements in technology, ground-breaking innovations, and the advent of emerging technologies like VR, AI, and social media, and consequently changing lifestyle trends, travel styles have also been incredibly changed. Many people, today, value their privacy and prefer to travel alone or in smaller groups to support sustainable tourism principles by minimizing the negative impacts on local communities and the environment and discover the world through their personal experience on a flexible itinerary, not through prepackaged tours. This will allow travelers to gain an authentic experience, a deeper understanding of the destination, and insights into local communities to make the most of their time. Relying on its over-a-decade experience, Parsi Tours offers Iran Tailormade Tours in response to the fast pace of change in travel style.

Iran Private Tours as Unique as You

Parsi Tours Travel Agency organizes various tours for every taste and personality: from cultural and nature tours to the ancient land of Persia- the cradle of civilization with 25 Cultural and 2 Natural Heritage, as well as 24 Intangible Cultural Heritage inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List– to Persian food tours for foodies; trekking, desert, and ski tours for adventure seekers; women-only tours for women who prefer to travel in female groups or solo; and many others for those with different tastes, such as special interest tours, Iran off-the-Beaten paths, Iran villages, and Iran nomad tours to communicate with locals, experience famous Iranian hospitality, and support sustainable development, either luxury or budget-friendly or somewhere in between.
If you cannot find your favorite among our tours and prefer a customized itinerary or travel service personalized only for you, do not hesitate to contact us! Our expert team can design an Iran Tailor-made Tour for you. You can choose your itinerary, activities, dates, and travel duration to Iran.
Whether the ancient remains of Persepolis, the colorful traditional bazaars, splendid palaces, and amazing sites in Tabriz, Isfahan, and Tehran, the mesmerizing gardens in Shiraz, the mudbrick architecture in Yazd, water activities in the Persian Gulf region, the scenic villages and forests in the Caspian Sea region or Zagros mountains, local cuisine in the creative cities of gastronomy or Persian food tours, a cultural festival in Kashan, the ski resorts in the snow-capped Alborz mountains, or the vast golden landscapes of Iran’s deserts, our travel specialists with extensive knowledge of Iran’s geography, history, and culture, and a wealth of experience in designing various kinds of tours to different regions of Iran, can create an exclusive itinerary that aligns with your specific preferences and interests.


Plan Your Iran Tailor-made Tour

Whether you need an inclusive itinerary for a tour around Iran, an itinerary for Iran city tours, or high-quality services, such as transfer and different modes of transportation, type of accommodation, accompanying tour guide, a local guide, etc. Contact Us!
Just let us know your preferences, time limit, pace, and budget and we will offer a private tour tailored to your needs. Our experienced staff at Parsi Tours Travel Agency will provide you with all you need through an Iran private Tour personalized only for you and based on your interests, budget, schedule, priorities, preferred activities, and destinations.
We will support you in all stages of your travel to Iran (before, during, and after your trip) and take care of all the logistics, from designing your bespoke itinerary to all quality travel services during the trip, to meet all your specific desires as efficiently as possible and to ensure you will experience a memorable journey in Iran. All our Iran tour packages can also be customized and match your expectations.