Sun, Sand, and Sea: A Guide to the Caspian Sea’s Best Beaches in Iran

This time, we will have a different journey to the north of Iran, a journey exclusively on the Caspian Sea beaches. Imagine yourself on the rocky b...

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This time, we will have a different journey to the north of Iran, a journey exclusively on the Caspian Sea beaches. Imagine yourself on the rocky beaches of northern Iran or amidst the sandy beaches and resorts of Ramsar, looking out at the sea and taking a deep breath. Every year, thousands flock to the beautiful nature of various towns and villages in the north of Iran. Beach hopping is one of the main activities you can experience in the north. Therefore, it’s best to have complete information about all the northern Iran beaches. That’s why we have prepared a list of the best Caspian Sea beaches for you. Be sure to join us till the end of this Iran adventure tour guide.


Get to Know the Best Beaches in Mazandaran and Gilan Provinces

When traveling to the north of Iran and visiting its beaches, you must pay attention to safety tips, local laws, and weather conditions. If you don’t know how to swim, avoid getting too close to the water. However, many of these beaches have lifeguards on duty. Also, bring sunglasses, body lotion, hats, and spare clothes. If you have a beach umbrella, bring it, although most beaches have beautiful gazebos and seating areas.


the Caspian Sea beaches in Mazandaran and Gilan Provinces


Where Are the Best Beaches in Mazandaran?

Mazandaran, with its stunning coastline along the Caspian Sea, hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in Iran. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore the top beaches in Mazandaran, known for their scenic beauty and unique attractions.


Mohammadabad Beach

Another picturesque city in the beautiful province of Mazandaran, hosting some of the best Caspian Sea beaches. The distinct feature of this beach is its narrow width, offering a different experience than other northern Iran beaches. It has ample tourist facilities, so be sure to visit.


Mohammadabad Beach


Khalij-e Ramsar Beach

Why is Khalij beach so popular? Because it offers numerous facilities for travelers and is one of the cleanest beaches in Mazandaran. It’s even considered the cleanest beach in the entire north of Iran. Serenity alongside a beautiful and clean landscape is all that one expects from a beach. To visit this beach, head to Ramsar, next to the Khalij Hotel.


Best Beach in Chalus

Chalus offers many natural and tourist attractions. Close to Chalus, you can find the Namak Abrud beach and the Namak Abrud tourist town. Staying in Namak Abrud and Motel Ghoo are also popular options among travelers.


Best Beach in Chalus


Sitra Beach in Nowshahr

Sitra Beach, also known as Hosseini Beach Resort, is another option for your trip. Sitra is located in the city of Nowshahr and is a major beachfront area. It also has excellent tourist and welfare facilities.


The Best Beaches in Gilan

Gilan, one of the beautiful northern provinces with some of the most beautiful and best beaches in the country, is a major tourism destination. If you’ve experienced being in this beautiful province and the beautiful city of Rasht, you know what we mean. Here we have listed some of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Gilan.


The Best Beaches in Gilan


Chamkhaleh Beach

In Gilan province, there’s a town called Chamkhaleh, home to the most attractive and beautiful beach in Gilan. Chamkhaleh Beach has many amenities and offers unique and varied landscapes that attract all travelers and tourists. Go to the town of Chamkhaleh, just 10 kilometers away from Langarud. Much of this town is along the coastline. The extraordinary beauty and charm of Chamkhaleh Beach have earned it a place among the best beaches in northern Iran. If you’re looking for a sandy beach full of beautiful shells, we recommend walking at least one hour on Chamkhaleh Beach. To get there, enter the road from Langarud towards Chamkhaleh, cross a bridge after 10 kilometers, and turn to the right and you will be there.


Chamkhaleh Beach


Best Beach in Kiashahr

If you’re interested in walking on the the Caspian Sea beaches, we recommend Kiashahr Beach and its seaside boulevard. There’s also a luxurious motorcycling track here. Kiashahr is located next to Astaneh Ashrafieh and is about 17 kilometers away from it.


Best Beach in Kiashahr


The Best Caspian Sea beaches for Accommodation

It can be boldly said that no trip to the Caspian Sea beaches will be complete without a stay. Therefore, many are looking to book villas, hotels, and local cottages. The good news is that you can stay in many coastal cities. For example, staying in the resorts of Ramsar can be one of the best options, as some of the most beautiful and best northern Iran beaches are located in this scenic city.


Chapkerud Beach

This beautiful beach along the Caspian Sea offers short-term accommodation for travelers. Restaurants, summer and winter cabins, along with appropriate and beautiful beach landscaping, make travelers feel comfortable and safe on Chapkerud Beach. You can also engage in various beach entertainments and games such as beach soccer, children’s play equipment, volleyball, etc.


Chapkerud Beach


Namak Abrud Beach

A famous and beautiful beach is located on the Chalus-Tonekabon Road. Beautiful views along with recreational and welfare facilities attract many travelers and tourists to this beach. Among the activities you can do at Namak Abrud Beach are horse riding, amusement parks, motorcycling tracks, swimming, shuttle rides, boating, and cycling. This beach is located on the northern edge of the tourist city of Namak Abrud.


Noor Beach

A sandy section of the Caspian Sea beaches, good weather, proper beach layout, and swimming opportunities for both men and women make Noor Beach very popular. This beach stretches for 23 kilometers. An interesting fact about Noor Beach is that you can visit it even in the summers and have a great time.


the Caspian Sea beach in Noor


The Most Beautiful Beach in Sari

Have you been to Khazarabad Beach in Sari? Just know that this beach is now a tourist hub in Sari. Although this beach was privately owned for many years, it is now open to the public. Go to Sari and entrust yourself to the beautiful Caspian Sea at Khazarabad Beach. The peace and quiet, occasionally broken by the roaring sea, is very beautiful. The beach is about 35 kilometers from the city of Sari, so it’s seen as a new destination. But you shouldn’t miss it on your trips to the north.


The Most Beautiful Beach in Sari


Best Northern Iran Beach for Swimming

Swimming in the Caspian Sea beaches are very common and popular activity on trips to the north. In this regard, you should act according to the laws and standards of each city and beach. Many of these beaches announce separate swimming schedules for men and women. So, it’s a good opportunity to swim on the northern Iran beaches.


the Caspian Sea beaches for Swimming


Best Beach in Gilan for Swimming

Among the beautiful beaches of Gilan where you can swim is Qarug Beach. This beach is located in the village of Qarug, one of the tourist villages of Talesh. Water sports and swimming facilities for both men and women are available on this beach. Besides, there are other facilities such as a riding club, carriage riding, hotels, horse riding tracks, and other recreational places.


Best Beach in Anzali for Swimming

If you’ve been to the city of Bandar Anzali, you’ve seen many tourist and welfare attractions there. One of them is the seaside village of Bandar Anzali, known as the largest garden city in Iran. It’s usually crowded with travelers on weekends. Popular and attractive activities here include swimming, shopping, and beach games. Parsi Tours recommend not to miss peaceful night walks along side the beach.


Best Beach in Anzali for Swimming


Best Beach in Ramsar

Ramsar is known as the most beautiful city in the north. A city full of natural attractions, from forests and springs to the beaches and resorts, offering very good welfare and recreational services to travelers and tourists. An interesting fact about Ramsar is the variety of its beaches. Here you can find various rocky and sandy parts of the Caspian Sea beaches. The best ones are Katalem and Chapakrud beaches, which are very famous. We also recommend visiting Ramsar’s Talayi (Golden) Beach. The resorts of Ramsar include Lido Beach, Khalij-e Ramsar Beach, Touska Sara Beach, Shahrdari Beach, and Darya Pashte Beach. In these resorts, you will have access to many welfare, hygiene, accommodation, and recreational services. So, if you plan to stay in Ramsar, make your way to one of its famous resorts. You can walk, shop in stores, engage in water and beach games, visit local markets, and also go to other nearby attractions such as museums and coffee houses. What could be better?


the Caspian Sea beaches in Ramsar


Sisangan Beach for Swimming

Experience a clean and different beach in Sisangan. Just the sandy part of the beach stretches over 30 hectares. Imagine it with bushes and trees such as tusk, pomegranate, medlar, daghdaghan, wild tomato, oak, lerg, black oleaster, and blackberry. The waters of the Caspian Sea here are crystal clear. If you want to swim and have played beach volleyball and jet ski beforehand, head to Sisangan Beach.


Sisangan Beach for Swimming


Which Northern Iran Beach Is the Most Beautiful?

Each of the northern Iran beaches has its own unique beauty. Some of these beaches are rocky, some sandy, and some pebbly. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a different one to visit on each of your trips. You can choose from the beautiful beaches of Mazandaran and the resorts of Ramsar to the beaches of Gilan, Nowshahr, and other cities. Some of these beaches, such as Namak Abrud Beach, have very good welfare and accommodation facilities, while Chamkhaleh Beach offers a pristine and different state.


the Caspian Sea beaches


Which Northern Iran Beach Has Shells?

Only one beach in the north of Iran has shells, and it’s located in Astara. The beach of the border town of Astara, situated in the southern strip of the Caspian Sea, stretches about 18.5 kilometers in length. Moreover, 1.5 kilometers have been designated as a wildlife sanctuary. In this area, you can see various types of shells. Consider Astara’s shell beach as a unique beach destination. As you walk along this beach, you’ll feel different shells under your feet. These shells have reached here over many years from the sea. Put them to your ear, and you’ll clearly hear the whisper of the sea. Alongside this, various amenities for comfort, hygiene, and accommodation are available for travelers on this beach. Don’t miss visiting the large beach market. You’ll find great items at very reasonable prices there.


Now it’s time to pack your bags for a different kind of trip to the Caspian Sea beaches in north of Iran and explore its coasts.

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