Iran Women Only Tours

Iran with 27 UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites, a long history narrating one of the most ancient civilizations, and a vast territory embracing various groups of ethnicities, has long been known as a cultural destination for all four seasons. With kind people known for their hospitality among tourists and a rather safe atmosphere for female travelers, Iran has not been introduced as it is in reality in the media in recent years. Iran Women Only Tours could be the best opportunity for female travelers to explore Iran through Iranian women’s eyes, gain a deeper experience of their daily lives, and understand their main role in society and family environments, which may not be possible in mixed groups.

Parsi Tours Travel Agency organizes Iran Women Only Tours

for female tourists to travel to Iran and visit Iran attractions and highlights, focusing on Iranian women’s cultural, social, historical, professional, and other aspects that are usually hidden from the public eye. An accompanying professional Iranian female tour guide will help the tourists scratch beneath the surface on these tours.

Why Iran Women Only Tours?

Iran Women Only Tours allow you to enjoy more interactive cultural communication with local females. You will have a chance to listen to their stories of challenges and achievements in different areas of business, startups, art, education, sports, technology, etc., while visiting tourist attractions, enjoying Persian food, and learning about various Iranian traditions in different corners of the country. This can lead to breaking down stereotypes and a step forward to a wider vision, mutual friendship, a sense of solidarity, the spirit of sisterhood, and empowerment toward gender equality in more traditional destinations in Iran and even the Middle East.

Through Iran Women Only Tours, you can also get familiar with and even participate in Iranian women’s daily life and activities in rural areas and nomadic tribes, cook with Iranian women in a normal Persian house, and visit other women-exclusive places and unisex facilities where in some of which Iranian women can appear without hijab, such as parks, gyms, pools, beauty salons, overnight train or subway wagons, bus seats, and taxis with female drivers.

Moreover, the Iran women-only tours support sustainable and responsible tourism principles by supporting women-run local economies, including accommodation, dining, and shopping. They also provide a safe and intimate space to participate in cultural exchange programs, such as cooking classes, and crafts workshops. They can also help you get to the heart of Iran and change your prejudgments about this part of the world.

The tours are organized for either solo female travelers, small groups of female family members and friends, or larger female groups. They can also be tailored to your interests and preferences. If you are interested in experiencing Iran on a female-only tour, do not hesitate to contact us!


Is Traveling to Iran Safe for Female Travelers?

Iran is as safe as any other place and our priority is your safety during the tours. You will see lonely women walking alone at night in the streets of different cities. In recent years, solo female traveling has been growing very fast and today, you will see many Iranian women and young girls travel alone across the country.

Although Iran is a safe destination for solo female travelers, it is wise to take safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings like any other country. Our professional travel team will support you from the start to the end of your travel to Iran, and our experienced Iranian female guide who knows the regions and destinations very well will accompany you during the tour and support you with any safety concerns.

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