At Morteza Ali Spring, visitors have the opportunity to experience something quite unusual in the desert city of Tabas in eastern Iran. The Morteza Ali Spring that is located between high rise rocky walls, is a stream where hot and cold water are flowing simultaneously in the same stream.  If one puts both feet in the water, it is an exhilarating experience to feel the flow of cold water across one foot while warm water flows at the exact same moment across the other.  The density-difference between hot and cold water allows these two springs to flow in parallel in the same stream, along a long route, without mixing.  The contradiction of hot and cold water running together in the same stream mirrors the joyful experience of being in a desert at the same time as being alongside a flowing stream.

If we proceed along the route, the Shah Abbasi dam can be reached.  It is a construction dating back to Safavid era and another example of Iranian building skills during a period when there were very few tools and technology available.

Morteza Ali spring with its unique beauties, undoubtedly, will amaze you.