The biggest island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island, is a truly breath-taking attraction, shining like a jewel in the glorious Persian Gulf.

With an area of almost 1500 square kilometers, this island is larger than 22 countries in the world. Its importance is enhanced due to its position, Qeshm is located at the strategic strait of Hurmoz, lying like a beautiful dolphin in the south of Iran.

This charming island, has so much to offer, captivating tourist attractions, vast quantities of affordably priced shopping malls as well as scrumptious sea food.

If you want to travel to a beautiful distinctive place imbued with rich ecotourism and magnificent natural beauty, Qeshm island will surely not disappoint.

In Qeshm we explore a marvelous phenomenon of about two million years old created by the erosion of sand, stone and soil. Stars Valley is a land of wonders, where it appears to the visitor that they have been transported to another planet.

At Naz Island there is the opportunity to walk through the Persian Gulf on soft sands where, when the tide is low, a narrow road will appear to connect Naz islands to Qeshm island and where you can gaze at the horizon of Qeshm from the top of the coral cliff.

The island is blessed with abundant underwater life and for those who wish to experience an adrenaline rush of a different kind, there is paragliding, jet ski and other water sports.

On our visit to Hengam island we may be accompanied by curious dolphins, swimming along next to our boat as well as wandering around the colorful, lively bazaar with its happy atmosphere.

One of the wonders of Qeshm island, created over the course of many years, Chahkuh Canyon, is a place of immense natural beauty. Khorbas Cave, Harra Forest, Portuguese Castle each offers a different perspective of this magical land.

Qeshm Island with its pristine natural sights and luminous aquamarine crystal water of the Persian Gulf, is sure to captivate.