Iran Highlights in one Week


Iran in one week

During this tour you will visit the Highlights Shiraz Isfahan Persepolis

Day 1

Day 1: Tehran

Arrival in Iran at Shiraz airport, transfer to hotel to take a rest, hotels are already booked from last night.

This day starts with exploring the cosmopolitan capital of Iran, Tehran, at around 9:00 am

Sightseeing today includes a world heritage site, the former royal Qajar complex, Golestan palace, continuing to Iran National Museum as well as a visit to the focal point of commerce in Tehran, the Grand Bazaar.

Afternoon will be dedicated to visit the Royal Crown Jewels Museum with elaborate crowns, numerous aigrettes and other precious objects, such as a golden globe with the oceans made of emeralds.

Night will be free time for resting or possibly visit the nature bridge (Tabiat bridge), the largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran.

Overnight: Tehran