The Mystery of Alam Kuh
The Mystery of Alam Kuh

7 Days





Included meals

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Group Size

Min 2, Max 10

Alam Kuh Climbing Tour

Your Detailed Route


Howeyzeh 4* - Vandarbon Mountain Hut


Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 1: Tehran- Vandarbon Village

Arrive in Tehran and transfer to your hotel. Hotels are pre-booked from the previous night.

We will drive from Tehran to Vandarbon Village via Marzan Abad and Kelardasht. Vandarbon is one of the beautiful villages of Kelardasht which is located 10 km away from Rudbarak. It is an attractive tourist resort suitable for mountain climbers. In fact, this village is one of the routes for climbing the snowy summit of Alam Kuh, the second-highest peak in Iran. We will stay at Vandarbon mountain hut. (157km)
Overnight: Tehran-Vandarbon Mountain Hut

Tehran Iconic Landmark
Camping in Vandarbon Village in Kelardasht
Vandarbon Mountain Hut for Climbers

Hesarchal Camp


Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 2: Tang-e Galu

Today, we will drive to Tang-e Galu on 3200 m, which takes about one hour. Afterward, we head for Hesarchal Camp on 3700 m with 2 hours of hiking. Tonight, we will stay in this camp.

Overnight: Hesarchal Camp

Mountaineers Climbing Alamkuh via Hesarchal
Hesarchal Scenic View
Climbers Ascend Alamkuh via Hesarchal



Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 3: Lashgarak Peak

Today is the day of acclimatization and we are going to climb Lashgarak Peak at 4200m for about 2 hours, and then turn back to the camp. Here, you will have an amazing view of Alam Kuh from the peak as well.

Overnight: Tent

Lashgarak Peak- Iran Adventure Tour
Climbers Climbing Lashgarak Peak to Alamkuh Mountain
Iran Second Highest Mountain Alamkuh

Vandarbon Mountain Hut


Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 4: Tang-e Galu

Today will be dedicated to climbing Alamkuh with 4860 meters height. Its fascinating glaciers and snowfields as well as its steep foothills could be extremely challenging for mountain climbers. Early morning, the nearly five-hour climb to the peak will begin. There will be an opportunity to have a view of Damavand (the highest peak in Iran) from Alam Kuh Peak in case the weather is good. Then, we will turn back to the camp and continue our way to Tang-e Galoo and Vandarbon mountain hut.

Overnight: Vandarbon Mountain Hut

Climbers Exercising for Alamkuh Ascending
Climbers Ascending Alamkuh Mountain
Climbers Climbing Snow-capped Alamkuh Mountain

Parsian Khazar 4*


Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 5: Namakabrud

Drive to Namakabrud to spend a day in this dreamy green tourist place with various exciting activities to offer. The most popular entertainment of Namakabrud is its cable car. We can have an amazing view of the Caspian Sea and Chalus City at an elevation of about 700 meters above sea level. (81.3 km)

Overnight: Namakabrud

Crossing on Namakabrud Suspension Bridge
Namakabrud Telecabin
Namakabrud Sleigh Ride

Howeyzeh 4*


Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Day 6: Chalus-Tehran

Head for Tehran via Chalus Road, which is one of the most charming roads in Iran. Upon arrival at Tehran, we will go to our hotel and we will have free time for the rest of the day. (141km)

Overnight: Tehran

North Iran Pristine Nature
Iran Colorful Winding Chalus Road
Iran Highest Tower




Day 7: Tehran

The tour ends in Tehran and we take a flight back home.


  • Accommodation
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • A.C. Minibus / Van
  • Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
  • Visa support & reference code for Visa


  • Visa fee at Iranian Embassy
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The Mystery of Alam Kuh
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  • What is the best time to visit Iran?

    The best time to visit Iran is normally from April to May and from September to early November. However, Iran, as a vast country is a destination for all four seasons. For instance, in July and August, the west and northwest of Iran are the best choice due to cooler weather, mixed with classic route, such as Tabriz, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, and Hamedan. The months of November, December, January, and February are the best time for traveling to south Iran, and visit the islands of Qeshm, Kish, Chabahar, and Bushehr.

  • What is the main currency in Iran?

    The national currency in Iran is the Iranian Rial (IRR). But due to the dramatic decrease in Iran’s currency value, Iranians informally use Toman to make the daily transactions easier. Each Toman equals 10 Rials and you just need to omit one zero to find out the value in Toman.

  • Is it safe to travel to Iran?

    Iran is generally safe for foreign travelers and Iranians are well-known for their warm hospitality. But if you are still in doubt, let a licensed Iranian tour operator or travel agency organize a hassle-free tour for you.

  • Can American, British, and Canadian citizens get a visa for Iran?

    Yes, they absolutely can! They are just required to travel with a licensed local guide across the country and arrange their visas in advance.

  • Should I wear hijab in Iran as a woman?

    Foreign women should wear hijab in Iran according to the country’s laws. But just a loose hijab covering their hair, neck, arms, and legs is enough. Chador and burqa are not mandatory. Chador is just mandatory in some religious sites, including some mosques or shrines, and is offered to the visitors at the entrance.

  • Is my credit card accepted in Iran?

    Credit cards and debit cards do not work in Iran, unfortunately, due to the sanctions. So, you can either bring enough cash with you during your trip to Iran or exchange money at the airport or exchange offices across the cities. Iranian debit cards are also available.

  • Is there internet access in Iran?

    Yes, you can access Wi-Fi in most public places, such as hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. But due to filtering on some social media and websites, you should use a VPN to unblock them. You can also use data internet by buying local SIM card in the airport or mobile shops.

  • Can I drink alcohol in Iran?

    Alcoholic drinks are forbidden according to the country’s laws.

  • Can I find vegetarian restaurants in Iran?

    You can find a great variety of vegetarian meals in the Persian culinary, as well as vegetarian restaurants in larger cities. If you are going to travel to Iran on a tour, you’d better inform the tour operator or the travel agency in advance.

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