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With 196 countries and countless exciting destinations worldwide, there is an overwhelming array of places to explore within a limited time. Even t...

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With 196 countries and countless exciting destinations worldwide, there is an overwhelming array of places to explore within a limited time. Even the most well-traveled individuals can only scratch the surface and must be selective in their choices. However, it is imperative to consider visiting a country like Iran, disregarding the negative news and stereotypes, for numerous compelling reasons. Many who have visited Iran are amazed by the beauty and kindness of its people, leading them to want to return. This is likely not a coincidence but a testament to the country’s charm. Few countries can offer as much as Iran does, and with more positive media coverage, it could easily become one of the top travel destinations. In this article in Parsi Tours Iran travel agency we will give you some compelling reasons why you should visit Iran.

Unique Ancient & Historical Sites

Iran has a rich history, dating back to 7000 BC, making it one of the oldest civilizations in the world and this is one of the reasons why you should visit Iran. The southwestern and western regions of the Iranian Plateau played a significant role in the Ancient Near East, hosting civilizations such as the Elamite, Kassites, Mannaeans, and Gutians. Hegel once hailed the Persians as the first historical people. In 625 BC, the Medes united Iran and formed it into a powerful nation and empire. The Achaemenid Empire, led by Cyrus the Great, emerged as the first Persian empire, extending its influence across three continents and becoming the largest empire at the time, covering 5.5 million square kilometers. Throughout its history, Iran has faced numerous invasions by the Greeks, Arabs, Turks, and Mongols. However, the country has always maintained its national identity and continued to thrive as a distinct political and cultural entity. In 1501, Iran regained independence under the Safavid Dynasty, which embraced Shia Islam as the empire’s official religion, marking a pivotal moment in both Iranian and Islamic history.

why you should visit Iran: Unique Ancient & Historical Sites

why you should visit Iran: Unique Ancient & Historical Sites

Iran takes pride in having an impressive total of 23 cultural sites registered with UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. These sites include palaces, bazaars, places of worship, ancient water systems, and remnants of the great Persian Empire and this is why you should visit Iran. In Iran, tourists can explore a wide range of attractions and historical sites, such as Persepolis (known locally as Takht-e Jamshid), which served as the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Here, visitors can witness the grandeur of massive columns and former palaces, as well as unique reliefs showcasing the diverse nationalities that once inhabited the area. Another notable site is Bam and its Cultural Landscape (Arg-e Bam), a breathtaking sand castle-like monument dating back over 2,000 years to the time of the Parthian Empire. Additionally, the Burnt City (Shahr-e Sukhteh) offers an intriguing glimpse into an archaeological site of a Bronze Age urban settlement associated with the enigmatic Jiroft Culture. Lastly, the Tepe Sialk Ziggurat, a prominent ancient archeological site near Kashan, Isfahan Province, features the oldest settlements dating back to 5500-6000 BC, as confirmed by a joint study involving Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization, the Louvre, and the Institut Francais de Recherche en Iran.

Hospitality And Affectionate People

Another reason for why you should visit Iran is to experience great hospitality. Iranians hold a deep belief in the saying “A guest is loved by God,” which is strongly reflected in their culture. As a tourist, you will experience the genuine kindness and warmth of the Iranian people, who consider foreigners as their dear guests.

Despite potential language barriers, Iranians will demonstrate their utmost dedication to making you feel welcomed and at home during your visit. You may even be invited into their homes to savor homemade dishes or enjoy a delightful evening together over a cup of delicious Iranian tea.

Interacting with locals is an essential aspect of traveling in Iran, as it adds a unique and memorable touch to your journey. Their eagerness to connect with visitors distinguishes the Iranian experience and ensures a more enriching adventure.

To be precise, Iran is safe

Based on the experiences of numerous travelers who have visited Iran, it has been widely regarded as one of the safest countries and this is why you should visit Iran. Whether you are a female traveling alone, accompanied by your family and young children, or part of a group tour, you can expect to be treated with utmost respect. The Iranian authorities and police take extensive measures to ensure safety at the borders and protect foreign travelers. Therefore, you can confidently consider Iran as a secure destination to explore without any worries.

Speechless art and architecture

The other reason for why you should visit Iran is about its art and architecture. The breathtaking ancient monuments, with their elegant arcs, vaults, and towering columns, are a major draw for travelers coming to Iran. The evolution of architecture up until the Islamic era added another layer of beauty with intricate tiling, mesmerizing mirror work, and other captivating ornaments. These stunning elements showcase the rich ancient history reflected in Iranian art masterpieces, such as miniatures, calligraphy, sculptures, and pottery. Museums house the first examples of Persian art and handicrafts, while traditional bazaars offer a firsthand look at the craftsmanship involved. Persian carpets transport visitors to a world of mythology, culture, and vibrant colors, while Persian miniatures stand as exemplars of illustration and painting.

why you should visit Iran: Speechless art and architecture

why you should visit Iran: Speechless art and architecture

Four Season Country

Iran, with its expansive geography, provides an exceptional opportunity to encounter various climates within a short span of time. It is truly astonishing that one can indulge in skiing on the slopes of the Alborz mountains in the north while sunbathing on the idyllic beaches of the Persian Gulf all in one day, thanks to convenient domestic flights.

Not many countries can boast such a wide-ranging climate for travelers, hence, it is highly recommended to seize the opportunity to immerse oneself in the diverse landscapes of Iran’s forests, deserts, mountains, and beaches during a single trip.

The cultural diversity

Persia has always been home to multiple ethnic groups, with Persians making up around 60% of the population. The country also includes diverse communities such as Azeri, Kurd, Lor, Baluch, Arab, Gilak, Mazani, Turkmen, Khorasani, and Tat, each with their own distinctive languages, customs, attire, and religions. Despite these differences, there is a strong sense of unity among them in their shared homeland. While traveling within the country, you will come across various ethnic groups, particularly in rural areas where locals proudly don their traditional clothing and converse in their native tongues. Experiencing such rich cultural diversity within a single nation is truly remarkable and it’s a motivation to why you should visit Iran.

Persian Cuisine

It is often said that trying new food can add an extra day to your life, and I couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to Persian cuisine. Iran offers a wide range of diverse flavors and tastes that are truly unique in their own ways and for those who wants great dishes this country could be a purpose for why you should visit Iran.

Moreover, Iran is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth, as every city in the country produces its own special types of sweets and pastries. So, be prepared to indulge and possibly gain some weight while in Iran, as it is incredibly difficult to resist these irresistible and delicious options!

Persian Cuisine

why you should visit Iran: Persian Cuisine

Iranian Handicrafts And Handmade Art

For over 7000 years, Iran has been a hub for artistic expression and craftsmanship. Iranian art boasts an incredibly diverse and rich heritage, encompassing various subfields. The best country for buying souvenirs is Iran and it is why you should visit Iran.

Calico, a unique form of textile printing known as Ghalamkar, showcases intricate patterns and designs. Gerehchini, commonly seen in the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque diorama, involves the skillful arrangement of wooden frames and glass panels in geometric patterns. Local musical instruments like Tar and Setar add to Iran’s artistic tapestry. Silverwork is another prominent art form, where skilled artisans create trays, candle holders, fruit dishes, cups, and other decorative objects from silver. Woodcarving, including intricate woodworking on tables and furniture, is a highly regarded craft. Engraving, known as Ghalamzani, is a multidimensional field that encompasses science, art, hobby, industry, and trade. Khatamkari, a distinctive form of marquetry, involves decorating wooden or metallic objects with cut pieces of wood, bone, and metal in various shapes and designs. Miniature painting, often found in books or albums, showcases detailed and small-scale artistry. Finally, Iran’s artistic repertoire includes tiling, stone carving, brickwork, stuccos, and tile panels, adding depth and diversity to its artistic heritage.

An affordable destination

Iran’s transportation system is fairly well-developed, making it easy to visit multiple cities within the country. In addition to a comprehensive network of paved roads that connect most towns and cities, travelers also have the option to travel by train or plane. Buses are clean and offer ample space; however, if time is limited, planes and trains provide faster and more economical alternatives. While there are various classes available at different prices, overall, transportation in Iran is affordable, allowing for convenient and efficient trip planning.

Rich Museums

The National Museum of Iran, which has been active for over 70 years, houses an extensive collection of 300,000 museum objects in a sprawling area of more than 20,000 square meters. Not only is it the largest museum of History and Archaeology in the country, but it also holds a prominent position among the world’s most esteemed museums in terms of its grandeur, scale, diversity, and quality of monumental exhibits. Iran boasts several other remarkable museums that attract a high number of visitors, including the Reza Abassi Museum, the Iran Cinema Museum, the Glassware and Ceramic Museum, the National Jewelry Museum, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA), the National Museum of Iran, the Shiraz Pars Museum, and the Iran Carpet Museum.

Rich Museums

why you should visit Iran: Rich Museums

Persian Gardens and Ancient Cities

If you stroll through one of the world’s largest cities constructed mainly from adobe or relax for a few hours in a picturesque Persian garden, you might start to believe that you are a character in a timeless legend. While modernization is altering the landscape of various cities in Iran, there are still cities and locations that have maintained their originality and distinctive flair. They halt time with their architectural marvels and ambiance. Thus, you can let go of the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan cities and immerse yourself in a different tempo of existence, akin to being a protagonist in an ancient fable!


In this article we try to give some reasons for why you should visit Iran. Iran offers you a great pleasure and it could be an unforgettable vacation for you due its diverse culture and unique ancient.

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