Kish Island: Must-See Attractions in Iran’s Pearl of the Persian Gulf

The resort island of Kish is located in Bandar Langeh city in Hormozgan province and is one of the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf. This island...

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The resort island of Kish is located in Bandar Langeh city in Hormozgan province and is one of the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf. This island with an area of 91.5 square kilometers is bordered by Iran from the north, the Strait of Hormuz from the east, the United Arab Emirates from the south, and Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia from the west. Every year, more than a few million domestic and foreign tourists visit Kish; An island with many attractions in all seasons of the year, including natural and historical attractions, entertainment centers, golden beaches, and numerous modern shopping centers.


One of the advantages of the pearl of the Persian Gulf is the existence of many hotels that have left tourists open to choose in terms of variety and services. Fortunately, most of the travelers are satisfied with their stay in Kish hotels, and in their opinion, each of these luxury hotels has special facilities and fantastic locations for staying.


Stay with us to introduce you to some of the most famous sights of Kish in different seasons of the year, fun attractions of Kish for children, as well as the night sights of this island.


kish attractions


The Grand Pier

Kish’s entertainment pier in the easternmost part of the island is one of the most popular entertainment places in Kish. A pier with a length of 437 meters, a width of 18 meters and an area of 10,000 square meters, which was opened in 2006, and many activities such as walking and using the clean air, watching the beautiful natural landscapes of sunrise and sunset, sea waves, seagulls , big fish and turtles, cycling, ballooning and water sports such as jet ski, flyboard, sea scooter, shuttle and banana, pedal and fishing boats, normal and glass boats and diving facilities are available to the enthusiasts. Chairs facing the sea, wooden platforms, cafes, buffet restaurants and restrooms are among the amenities of the pier.


Green Tree

Kish green tree, temple fig tree or laurel tree is the oldest and most important tree of the island. This stout tree is located in the north of Kish in the Kish Green Tree Park and an area known as the Portuguese Valley and is one of the popular natural attractions of Kish. Fig tree saplings of temples were imported from India and China about 500 or 600 years ago to Iran, and in addition to Kish, they are also seen in other tropical areas such as Qeshm Island, Bandar Chabahar, Bandar Abbas and parts of Sistan and Baluchistan. This species is one of the tallest trees in the rainforest and can grow up to 30 meters.


Among the natives of the region, the Kish green tree is known as a sacred tree and a kind of totem with supernatural power; For this reason, in the past, people used to tie cloths on the tree branches to relieve themselves. In recent years, the tree has been covered with a fence and the knotted cloths have been untied.


Sightseeing places in Kish in summer


Sightseeing places in Kish in summer

Kish shopping centers

The modern and numerous shopping centers of Kish are among the most popular places to visit in Kish, especially in the summer season. The summers of Kish have very hot and humid weather, and usually few people travel to this area at this time of the year; However, there is no need to worry; Because Kish shopping centers are equipped with air conditioning system. All kinds of goods and goods such as clothes, perfumes and colognes, cosmetics, bags and shoes, audio and video devices, electronic devices, sleeping accessories, chocolates and food are offered in these centers.


Most of the shopping centers in Kish have good facilities such as restaurants, teahouses, food courts, coffee shops, internet cafes, and art exhibitions, and the best of them are Pardis 1 and 2, Diplomat, Venus, Kish Commercial Center, Padna, Sadaf, Damon, Sarina 1, Royamall, And Cyrus.


Sightseeing places in Kish in autumn


Sightseeing places in Kish in autumn

Greece ship

The Greek ship in the southwest of the island is the same attraction that can be seen in most of Kish’s photos, and the best time to visit it is sunset and sunrise; When you can take very beautiful souvenir photos from it. This ship was built by William Hamilton and Partners shipyard in 1943 AD (1322 AH) in Port Glasgow, Scotland, and in 1345 AH with a lot of oil reserves, in the Persian Gulf and on the coast of Kish Island (near the village of Bago) it sunk.


The lack of a lighthouse in this area, the miscalculation of the ship’s captain and the shallow depth were among the reasons that caused the sinking of the Greek ship. When visiting the Greek ship, in addition to photography, try activities such as camel riding and horse riding on the beach and exploring the beach park with various facilities (bicycle rental, buffet and parking) on the beach.


Bago village

Bago village with traditional texture is located in the southwestern part of Kish Island. It seems that the name of this village was taken from a 100-year old woman named “Bagu”. She lived in Bago during the occupation of Kish by the Portuguese, and in some sources, the story of this old woman is mentioned as “The Legend of Nane (Mother) Bago”.


Among the sights of Bago village, we can mention the historic mosque dating back to 981 AH, Deliran Park with an area of about 60 hectares and laurel trees (one of the rarest tree species in the world). In addition, in recent years, drinking fountains for the island’s deer have been installed in Bago village, which draw the deer to them.


Sights of Kish in winter


Sights of Kish in winter

Kariz Underground City

The underground city of Kariz, with an area of more than 10,000 square meters, is one of the top historical attractions of Kish on Mirmahna Blvd. Kariz is not a historical underground city; Rather, it is actually a network of underground water ways with more than 2,500 years of age, which in the past supplied the residents of the island with drinking fresh water and the water needed to irrigate the green space. The underground city of Kariz or Kish aqueduct, with a maximum height of 45 meters and a length of 15 kilometers, has one of the most advanced underground water management systems and its water is supplied from the seasonal rainfall of the island. This underground city is currently attracting many tourists with attractions such as a ceiling full of shells and natural corals and facilities such as stalls of Iranian and world handicrafts, traditional and new restaurants, museums, etc.


The ancient city of Harireh

The ancient city of Harireh in the north of Kish Island dates back to 800 years; A city with an area of 120 hectares, which was built after the decline of the commercial port of Siraf, and was considered one of the important commercial areas of the Persian Gulf and a communication center between Iran, India and China. Harireh had a large population until the middle of the 10th century and was very prosperous; But since then it was gradually abandoned. This city is registered in the list of national monuments. Among the different parts of Harireh are King Jamshid Palace, a noble house including the entrance, Shahneshin, a large northern house and a small house, a mosque with an area of two thousand square meters and Seljuk architecture, a bath (one of the oldest Iranian baths with an area of 500 square meters), Workshop and industry sections, water facilities and port.


Marjan Beach

The beaches of the Persian Gulf islands, especially the beaches of Kish, are among the most spectacular beaches of Iran, which attract many tourists every year. Marjan Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Kish; A rocky and clean beach in the southeast of the island with golden sand and beautiful landscaping that offers unique entertainment such as watching marine life on sea tours (shells, snails, sea anemones, mermaids, various types of ornamental fish and corals), visiting the beach sculpture, walking, It provides tourists with photography, cycling and motorcycling, water sports (parasailing, jet skiing, boating, shuttle, banana boat, etc.), diving, shopping in numerous malls, and tasting food and drinks in cafes and restaurants.


Sights of Kish for children


Sights of Kish for children

Kish Dolphin Park

Dolphinarium, bird garden, amphitheater, classic show and salt water aquarium tunnel are different parts of Kish Dolphin Park.

Kish Dolphin Park, with an area of 100 hectares in the southeast of the island, is the first dolphin park in Iran and one of the most popular attractions in Kish. This park was established in 2004. In Kish Dolphin Park, in addition to dolphins and penguins, you can watch mammals such as sea lions, sea cats and porpoises in a pool with a capacity of 18,000 cubic meters.


The Kish Dolphin Park complex includes parts of the Dolphinarium Park, the Bird Garden (habitat of 107 species of birds and more than 100 species of plants, including palm trees, laurel trees, eucalyptus, acacia, etc.), amphitheater, classic show, and saltwater aquarium tunnel; Sections that can be accessed by a train bus. Watching professional shows by skilled instructors accompanied by happy music is one of those experiences that children will never forget.


Kish Aquarium

Kish Aquarium is located in the southeast of the island and adjacent to Kish Dolphin Park; An aquarium with two main parts, which is a good place to visit, especially with children. The first part of Kish Aquarium with a volume of 50,000 liters is dedicated to large aquatic animals such as sharks and huge fish, and the second part with a volume of 20,000 liters is dedicated to freshwater aquatic animals. The paleontology section with the display of taxidermy aquatic animals and the reptile section with the display of various types of reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles, scorpions, etc. are other attractions of Kish Aquarium.


kish attractions: Aquarium


Sights of Kish at night

Highland Kish amusement park

Kish Island’s Highland indoor amusement park is one of the most well-equipped entertainment complexes in the country, which, in addition to modern Iranian and foreign games and entertainment devices, has sanitary facilities, services, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food and green spaces, and is a suitable place for a night out in Kish. is considered. Highland amusement park was built on a three-hectare land and was put into operation in 1378.


Highland amusement park was built on a land of three hectares in this island and was put into operation in April 1378. All kinds of computer games, all kinds of exciting and adventurous electronic and mechanical games, age-appropriate game machines with prizes, award-winning computer games machines, mini golf and bowling, multi-dimensional horror cinema, smashing cars, walking on water with ring ball, shooting simulator, Playstation, virtual reality device, soft play, merry-go-round and intellectual devices for children, trampoline for children and adults, laser maze room, Hyper Reality Cinema Game, the first pilot flight simulator with 720 degree rotation in the country, ultra-advanced seven-dimensional cinema, hut Haunted Horror and Cursed Hallway Escape Room are from Highland Kish Amusement Park.


Bowling Maryam Kish

Maryam Bowling is one of the largest, most equipped and modern bowling halls in Iran, which was established in Kish in 2003. This bowling alley with 16 digital lanes for four people has many entertainments such as sauna and jacuzzi, gym, two private billiard rooms with 16 tables, restaurant, coffee shop, computer games and virtual reality, games for children such as electric cars, trains and flying ships and wars. It is night time.


Sights of Kish at night



In conclusion, Kish Island offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical wonders, and modern amenities, making it a perfect destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. From its stunning beaches and vibrant coral reefs to the ancient city of Harireh and the intriguing Greek Ship, Kish is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored. If you enjoyed reading about the attractions of Kish, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment sharing your thoughts, experiences, or any questions you might have. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us bring more exciting content to you. Remember, your next great adventure could be just around the corner in Kish!

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