The largest industrial complex before the industrial revolution, an astounding and remarkable structure, Shushtar Hydraulic System, without exaggeration is one of the wonders of the ancient world.

A UNESCO World Heritage registered site, Shushtar Hydraulic System due to engineering science, tools and facilities of that time is a staggering phenomenon. The technical knowledge in the field of hydraulic engineering demonstrated by the constructors was very advanced allowing them manage and use water resources effectively.

It should be noted that Shushtar city is an ancient city, which due to its proximity to the Karun River and Tchoghazanbil temple has always been considering as a crucial city, forming the first civilization in this significant city.

Although the primary foundation, possibly, refers to Achaemenid dynasty, the antiquity of this majestic structure dates back to the Sassanid era.

This engineering masterpiece, with interconnected complex of mills, waterfalls, bridges, dams, channels and huge water tunnels distributed water to all regions of Shushtar equally in addition to preventing the river from overflowing. Furthermore, agricultural lands were irrigated; hence, the agricultural and drinking needs of citizens were met by this brilliant construction. Its design demonstrates the advanced understanding of the importance of optimal water consumption and practical water distribution amongst ancient Iranians

This architectural historical monument is not only valuable in terms of engineering, but also surrounded by eye-catching scenery, present the glorious gift to the visitors in the land of rivers and ancient civilization, Khuzestan province.