Iran in one Week


Iran in one week

Explore the Top Highlights of Persia during this Tour:

-You will see the capital of Iran, one of the most modern cities in Middle east

-Kashan and his historical UNESCO Fin Garden

-The city of the blue Doms Isfahan known as the masterpiece of Islamic Architecture

-Shiraz the city of the poets and lovely gardens

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Travel is a precious gift, an expenditure that is an investment in the human spirit, a gift for the soul, mind and heart.

We, at PARSI TOURS, give the very best of ourselves to ensure that travel lovers and who has wanderlust to experience unforgettable moments in one of the most enchanting and almost unknown destinations in the world.

Our co-founder, Hamid Khalij, combines his 14-year experience with our teams’ expertise and extensive knowledge to offer an unrivalled commitment to high-quality services.

Our mission is to make the most of your precious time when travelling. We love to show you the stunning magnificence of our home country, Persia.

Therefore, the whole team will be at your service as your professional travel partner before and during your stay in Iran.